10 Beiruti Minutes

A news channel announces that American and Russian scientists discovered a meteor approaching Earth and that they would collide and humanity will be extinct in 10 minutes. How would the Lebanese people react to the news and live their last 10 minutes on Earth?? What will they first think of when they hear it?? The camera travels in the streets of Beirut and some apartments to see the acts of people.

Produced in 2010.
Written, Directed and Edited by Ashraf Mtaweh

Special Jury Prize – Monaco Charity Film Festival 2011
Audience Award – Beirut Student Film Festival 2011
Public Votes Award – NDU International Film Festival 2010

Official Selection:
Lebanese Film Festival 2010, European Film Festival – Beirut 2010, Cinemaiyyat – Ehden Film Festival 2010, Damascus International Film Festival 2010.

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Viewed: 248