#10 – Evaporating Borders – interview -Human Rights weekend 2015

Live stream recording – 2015-02-01 – 14.49 –

Interview and Q&A with filmmaker Iva Radivojevic (on Skype) and Izza Leghtas, Western Europe researcher at Human Rights Watch.

A visual essay in five parts, Evaporating Borders is told through a series of vignettes that explore the lives of asylum seekers and political refugees on the island of Cyprus. Nationalism and xenophobia frequently lead to hate, even violence, against refugees. Cyprus is one of the easiest points of entry into Europe.

Refugees from all over the world, particularly the Middle East, come to the island. Through the microcosm of the current situation in Cyprus, the film explores tolerance and immigration practices throughout Europe and the Western world—where migrating populations have become subject to a variety of human rights abuses. The film looks at what it means to be displaced and examines the idea of belonging and notions of diaspora, exile, and migration.

Moderator: Doutje Lettinga (Fellow at Strategic Studies, an initiative of Amnesty International Netherlands)


Human Rights Watch will present the third edition of the Amsterdam Human Rights Weekend from January 30 to February 1, 2015 at De Balie. The theme is “Reporting Change: Behind the Scenes in the Middle East and North Africa.”

The weekend will include films, a play, and panel discussions with Human Rights Watch experts, film directors, photographers, and journalists. Topics include “emergency cinema” in Syria, revolution and repression in the digital age, the Islamic State (also known as ISIS), Libya, front-line journalism, conflict and refugees, and Egypt’s forgotten revolution.

“The huge challenges facing the Middle East made this an obvious focus of this year’s Human Rights Weekend,” said Anna Timmerman, senior Netherlands director at Human Rights Watch. “We want to raise awareness and spark critical reflection with an interesting array of films, discussions, theatre, and photography about key human rights issues in the Middle East that also directly affect Europe.”

Partners of the Human Rights Weekend are: De Balie, ASN Bank, the Dutch Postcode Lottery, De Groene Amsterdammer, World Press Photo, and BKB.


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