Powering Down Debt

Don’t let what happened to me, happen to you. Getting my finances in order required reading my credit card statements and repayment agreement closely. I discovered in the event of default, my credit card company had the right to increase the interest rate (which they had done). I thought default meant I must have submitted payment late or missed it completely (which I knew I didn’t do). Upon closer inspection, I learned that one of the conditions of default was to exceed the monthly limit. I had a $5,000 credit limit, spent $6,000 one month, paid it in full the following month, but I was still considered in default on the entire $6,000. Don’t let credit card companies trap you.

Along with the lowest savings rate in the industrial world, the United States had the highest consumption rate. We save the least and spend the most. Debt is the vehicle by which greater consumption is made possible. As the ratio of debt goes up, society adapts and says it’s OK. For example, as homes go up in value, many people refinance their homes to afford vacations, pay off credit cards, etc. This leads to big problems if you first don’t learn how to curb your spending. I know many wealthy people that have played this game to their detriment. Instead of doing something wise with the money, too many people pull equity out of the house and use it to spend more, increasing debt. The stock market and real estate market don’t solve the problem because we don’t pause long enough to reap the benefit that’s inherent in those booms—we just spend more and continue the cycle.

The power of the charge card—how do you compare to the average American?
• The average American has 11 credit cards, which is up from seven in 1989.
• Credit cards in circulation have increased 34 percent.
• Credit card transactions have gone up 55 percent.
• The overall value of credit card transactions has increased 98 percent. We doubled what we spent with credit cards between 1988 and 1994

Types and Uses for T Shirt Printing Software

T shirt printing software is also referred to as graphics software. You can use a variety of graphics software programs because you will be printing the images yourself with your own printer. The lesson here is to learn which programs offer a great quality result and would be right for your business.

When choosing the right tee shirt printing software, you want to remember to make sure it has all the options you might need for your services. Look for programs that include cropping, image flipping, or image reversing. These types of tools will help you excel in creating a great quality product. You can always choose T shirt printing software that is made specifically for just that, printing tee shirts. However, if you are just starting out, you can begin with whatever program you find that fits your needs.

One of the many tee shirt printing programs is the T-Shirt Factory Deluxe. This tee shirt printing software has thousands of ready made designs. You can also create your own with over 20,000 clip art images they supply. You can buy a package that comes with a shirt, paper, and bonus software to help further your services.

Additionally, you can purchase an expansion pack that is available and has more paper and clip art. This software will cost you somewhere around thirty dollars. This tee shirt printing software is the number one selling tee shirt printing software for more than five years. It also comes with a perfect shirt guarantee. Great tee shirt printing software to try is Hanes T Shirt Maker. This software can be purchased for around thirty five dollars. This T shirt printing software comes with over 20,000 clip art images and tons of ready made designs.

You can also choose up to sixteen million colors which could be very helpful in offering a variety of products for your customers to choose from. There are many more features to this tee shirt printing software that would be helpful and beneficial.

The popular ‘Broderbund’ software company has tee shirt printing software called T Shirt Design Shop. This is low cost tee shirt printing software that provides over 4,000 graphics; 1,000 layouts already designed; 75 fonts; photo and text effects; and photo editing tools.

You are more likely to attract more customers by custom designing your own images and phrases using any tee shirt printing software so there is no risk of having a duplicate of another businesses’.

Think about setting up a computer with some tee shirt printing software on it for your customers to sit down and make their own design for you to print out and put on their tee shirt. You could periodically change the tee shirt printing software every few months so that if you have repeat customers they will be even more overjoyed of making a completely different design using a completely different tee shirt printing software.

You will not go wrong no matter what tee shirt printing software you choose. Just remember what you need to get out of the software and make sure it has every option and tool that you will need.