Tracking: Don’t Leave Home Without It

What if Jonas Salk hadn’t tested the polio vaccine? Or, what if Einstein never tested his theory of relativity? Do you think they would have been successful? In the science world, definitely NOT, and in the marketing world, testing is every bit as important if you want to achieve success.

Any number of tracking programs are out there from Hits Connect to Track That Ad to the new Link Brander. Even server-side tracking scripts are available for purchase. Regardless of what you use, tracking every ad that you post, whether it be to a traffic exchange or to a safelist, you need to know how successful your marketing is. Why? Because if you don’t track your ads, you may spend tons of time and money chasing a dog that you’ll never catch.

Tracking works simply. You place the ad URL into the tracker, which devises a new URL for you to use in its place. Every time you employ the tracker URL, that “hit” is recorded by the tracking system.

Let’s say you buy 1,000 hits at XYZ traffic exchange. How will you know if they have been delivered, unless you’re using a tracking system? You won’t, and though it’s the exception rather than the norm, you may not get the hits you paid for.

What should really interest you are actual click-throughs. That tells you how many times someone has actually seen your page and clicked on the link to take them to the site you’re promoting. In this case, you will use the tracker link as the URL in your “call to action” (the click here, join now, etc.) button on your splash page. Or, use it as the link in your safelist mailing, as an FFA link, or in any other form of traffic generation system. By using the tracking link, you’ll know every time someone clicks because the tracking system will tell you.

As another example, let’s say we advertised site ABC on traffic exchange XYZ and we used a tracking link for our call to action. We did the same thing at traffic exchange 123. At XYZ, we got our 1,000 hits and only 15 people clicked through to our page. At 123, we got 1,000 hits, but 100 people clicked through to our page. In which traffic exchange do you want to promote that particular page more heavily? No brainer, right? At 123, of course.

The only way that you can possibly know whether your advertising is working is by tracking the results. Check out several tracking services to see which fits your budget and has the features you like. Then, either buy the script or sign up for a subscription. A tracking system is one tool in your marketing toolbox that you cannot afford to be without.

Weber Summit Silver D Built In Gas Grill Reviewed

The Weber Summit Silver D built in gas grill has a total barbecuing area of 700 square inches. This includes warm up basket area thats 88 square inches, a warming rack area that is 108 square inches and 504 square inches of primary gas grill space. You’ll be able to easily cook up plates full of steak, burgers, chicken and hotdogs, using your Weber Summit Silver D built in gas grill.

The Summit Silver D has a dedicated stainless steel smoke burner with stainless steel smoke box. It provides 8,000 BTU’s per hour input, which will enhance the flavor of your meal. To get started quickly and easily the Weber Silver D is equipped with an Electronic Crossover ignition system.

The Summit Silver D Weber grill produces 44,000 BTU’s per hour input. This heats its four stainless steel burners. Producing 9,600 BTU’s per hour input is its handy rear-mount infrared rotisserie burner and spit fork rotisserie.

To make this built in gas grill install easily the Summit Silver D has been amazingly engineered to install just like an indoor range installs into a kitchen counter. This makes grill installation less costly and easier, plus simplifies island construction, and provides better access for service.

To ensure years of cooking enjoyment the Weber Summit Silver built in gas grill is constructed with a stainless steel hood with a center-mounted thermometer for easy monitoring. Plus cast-aluminum end caps. For extra space and storage there are stainless doors and a bottom shelf.