What is it Like to Visit Jupiter? Space News.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. For some perspective, if it were hollow, more than 1300 Earths could fit inside of it! The giant planet contains …

Mars Rover Curiosity

Client: GQ iPad [https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/gq/id428117848?mt=8]
Director: Dan Winters [http://danwintersphoto.com]
Editor: John Aldrich
Sound Design & Music: Shervin Shaeri @ Mutant Jukebox
Photography: NASA JPL, Dan Winters, David Robertson, Travis Smith
Narrated by: Adam Steltzner, Miguel San Martin, Ann Devereaux, Allen Chen

This is a very special project for me, It has been an honour to collaborate with Dan on this amazing project. Mr Dan Winters (http://danwintersphoto.com) is a renowned photojournalist, creating portraits of luminaries such as Barak Obama, Niel Young, Tupak Shakur to name but a very few, the list is incredible. His work documenting the final launches of Discovery, Endeavour and Atlantis is some of the most beautiful images i have ever seen, pre-order on Amazon;

During composing this piece my father was ill with cancer, he passed away just recently and in my own small way i’d like to dedicate this to the memory of him and the fragility and beauty of life.

It has truly been an honour to work with Dan, he allowed me the creative freedom to create as i wanted with little intervention. And of course a big cheers to the Mars Rover Curiosity crew who are inspiring us all with their work.

Shervin Shaeri

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