Interstellar – Mystery Space Machines

“Interstellar is a film to be long remembered for generations to come. You are immediately made aware of the fact these things are in orbit in deep space yet not so far away. As you view this film, you might be surprised how many of them resemble things depicted in some of the more recent blockbuster feature films.” Jose Escamilla

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New Motorola Droid Z/Z Force/Z Play Type C USB-C Rapid Fast Car Charger – Pixel / Pixel XL Nexus 6P 5X LG G5 OnePlus2 5v/2.4a Red LED – QuickCharge 2.0

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Brand New Type C Car Charger!!!

Durable and dependable. This charger has a 5 foot thick, malleable cord. Charger head gives off a soft red glow when in use.

Fast Rapid Charge!

5 Volts / 2.4 Amp worth of fast charging power! Your phone will get a safe, fast, reliable charge. The technology in the charger will protect against surges and not overcharge your phone! Your phone’s battery will charger quicker if it is lower. Once it gets above 50% it slows down. This is normal with all Fast Chargers.

Lifetime Guarantee

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all items we sell. If you should have any problems, just email us through Amazon and we’re happy to solve your problems, no questions asked.

Compatible with:

Samsung Galaxy S8 S8+ / Motorola Droid Z / Z Force / Z Play / Google Pixel / Pixel XL / Huawei Nexus 6P / LG Nexus 5X / LG G5 G6/ Pixel C / Nokia Lumia 950 950 XL / OnePlus2