ALBAGHDADIA NEWS (2010) ‎البغدادية الأخبار

Newsdesign for the Iraqi TV channel Albaghdadia including openers, closers, infographics, maps, lower thirds, correspondent windows.

The logo dot which serves as a trigger in the promotion system is taken into 3d space here. It is the carrier for all types of information by opening up itself, revealing information, changing the theme focus by altering its layers, shutting off chapters by closing itself – always concluding in its concentrated form at the end: the dot.

CLIENT: al baghdadia channel, Cairo/Baghdad
AGENCY:, Germany
CD: Martin Kett
AD: Maria Regenspurger
DESIGN: Maria Regenspurger, Marko Pfann, Christiane Scheibe, Sascha Coy
ANIMATION: Maria Regenspurger, Matthias Popp. Christiane Scheibe, Sascha Coy
FONT DESIGN: Panos Vassiliou, parachute fonts, Athens
PRODUCTION: velvet, Germany
EXEC. PRODUCER: Flint Skallen
MUSIC: Martin Probst


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