SCI-Arc 3gaX Studio:

As humans continue to re-engineer biology, systems based purely on form no longer hold as much interest when capable of fluid malleability. Materiality and chromatics (here to mean both light and color-as a property of light physics ) take new roles in informing/deforming this androgynous architecture. This project seeks to understand how properties of light can be utilized to create, mutate and accumulate complex forms. Local and global behaviors are considered not in an indexical fashion limiting specific actions to specific geometries, but rather can be seen as related to both. Also explored is the use of parametric and scripted systems of behavior in relationship to form and chromatics.

Cultural references include the investigation of the transgender leading to gender reassignment. Gender reassignment operations represent the most elective plastic/cosmetic surgery procedure and involve entire reconstructions of a given person’s body, hormones, and physical relationships. Gender reassignment procedures move beyond the surface modifications that typify common plastic surgery into a territory that alters not only the appearance, but the function as well. Examined is the whole gradient of persons that reside in an awkward in between gender territory, including transsexual, cross-dresser, transvestite, androgynous and drag.

This piece initial looks at the idea of light and chromatics as being primary form drivers. The intent is to understand how layers and immersion of color can develop both an emotive and physical sense of space.

Later the investigation becomes how the use of a light trigger in a mechanical ‘organism’ can cause a secondary surface to deteriorate and change form- making a transition from structured to chaotic. Over time the secondary surface becomes independent from the machine that created it and occupies an arbitrary territory between fluidity and structure, becoming itself an androgynous architecture.

Music: Everyday by Yo La Tengo, Set and Setting by Bardo Pond and Again by Archive

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