Canon 5D mkII, 7D & T2i – DSLR camera reviews

Stalman Talks Photography – Episode 4, Part 1

A basic review of 3 of my favorite DSLR cameras right now, the 5D, 7D & T2i. After more than a year with the 5D mkII, a few months with the 7D, and some solid hours with the T2i, I want to share my feelings on their usability and image performance.

These are the three cameras I recommend to everyone right now, except for Nikon shooters (I love you guys!) and news/sports photogs who need the 1D series. If you want to save yourself 10 minutes watching, the 5D is looking aged next to these newer sexier cameras, but it only wets my appetite for next round of 5D and 1Ds, both of which need to make a big push to keep Canon out in front.

Thanks to for lending the T2i. If you are in Calgary, go down there today and try the cameras out for yourself.

Also, I just want to say that this was all filmed on the T1i, and blegh, not a great experience. Weird artifacting, no mic input, and the stupid auto white balance readjusting mid shot just doesn’t cut it. Never again, but thanks for lending the camera and running it for me Brendan!

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