CCTV News International, World Insight Opener

World Insight delivers balanced and critical perspectives on current affairs affecting all corners of the globe.
The format is a weekend round-up of world news and current affairs including live cross-overs to opinion-formers and correspondents from every corner of the world.

The 5 channels of CCTV News International just moved into their new iconic headquarter in Beijing. Along with the move, CCTV News Int’l wanted to position itself as a global news provider targeting to the developing countries and an audience interested in China all over the planet.

We were asked to create a new brand image and to unify the on-air graphics of the international & foreign language channels based on the core values of CCTV News: Internationality, Balance and Multi-perspective. The package includes news graphic, idents and several format packages.

Creative Director: Martin Kett
Design: Tobias Szabo
Animation: Kay Tennemann
Music: Stephen Arnold Music

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