CNN Live – Shark Attack! -Starring Candace Slazak

A masterpiece of child acting, actual news reporting and interviewing; video editing and sound / music effects. A full on, if not amateur, production that takes the viewer to many locations and includes music from Bananarama, The Beach Boys, Hawaii 5-O, and Jaws movie theme songs. This was by far the most popular of all our home video productions.

In the summer of 2003 there were actual shark attacks and sightings at southern CA beaches, one swimmer was killed. Candace with best friend Bronte set out to investigate the effect of the sharks at the local beaches (with wanabe movie producer dad in tow).

We laugh at the out takes every time we watch this. At the very end is a cute scene of Candace and Bronte in the surf. So grab your soda and popcorn and enjoy this ride to the very end.

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