Coastal Vacation Business Opportunity For You

Every network marketer looks for opportunities that provides a service to their customers and offers high commissions. The travel business is rapidly becoming popular with many marketers and they are willing to go the extra mile for their huge cut of the commission pie. In some cases, the commission can be as high as 50 percent and when considering the vacation club memberships they offer can be worth between $1,000 and $5,000 the commission checks can be fairly large.

The downside is that many of the coastal vacation business opportunities are considered two-up marketing, meaning commission from the first two vacation packages you sell will go to the person who recruited you into the business. However, this offers additional incentive to recruit vacation package sellers to work under you as the commission from their first two sales will go into your account.

Selling memberships into vacation clubs can be a cutthroat business and there are some unscrupulous individuals who make promises that cannot be kept. They will offer additional discounts on the club level and then enroll the new members into a level lower than that which for which they paid. By the time the customers attempt to use the club membership and realize they have been duped, the sales person has moved to another company or into another business all together.

As the wise man once said, believe nothing and verify everything, which is the best way of dealing with any business. Those looking for an opportunity in the coastal vacation business can usually exceed their expectations for income provided they deal honestly with their customers. Remembering the customer is not buying the right to any free vacations, only the right to buy vacations at reduced prices, the seller needs to make this clear so there is no misunderstandings once they arrive at the beach front condo.

Vacation club memberships are usually not available for discounts on all-inclusive vacation packages, but the discounts may be great enough to make paying for everything as you go an even better deal. Some of the savings opportunities include two for one lift tickets and over 250 ski resorts, 50 percent off ay over 1,000 member golf courses and 50 percent off at over 14,000 motels and hotels nationwide.

There are also vacation club memberships that can cost $11,000 a year along with an annual maintenance fee that allows the members to enjoy the same accommodations year after year and includes many extras by being a paid club member. Even the lowest club membership of about $1,300 offers many of the same discounts as the highest priced membership level.

Additionally, when people sign up to become a travel director with Coastal Vacations, they will have to depend on leads in order to contact prospective customers. Every level offers the inclusion of thousands of leads as well as resources of gaining more once you have sold all of the interested parties in the original list. There is rarely a shortage of people looking to save money on their vacations, you just have to let them know you can help them with their savings.