Dont allow Northwest Pacific Property Management at 4280 Chaney Way Southeast in Salem, Oregon a chance to lie about you

I just wanted to share my personal opinion about Northwest Pacific Property Management
located at 4280 Chaney Way Southeast in Salem, Oregon 97302. Again what you are about to read from this point on is just my personal opinion.

In short, I believe Northwest Pacific Property Management its the most incompetent, sneaky , unethical, non-transparent company I have ever known of and I would highly recommend never giving them your information much less doing business with them unless your only other option is to be homeless and even then you could be better off homeless if you are the only person you need to worry about caring for.

Based on the way I have seen their owner publicly interact with mediators who have reached out to his company attempting to resolve conflicts, and investigative reports I as a laymen would not be surprised if a professional labeled him as someone who takes delight in tormenting and bullying people who do not have the time, money or resources to stand up for themselves.

If they say you damaged property when you know you did not.. well then you are going to have a situation. Because this is a company with a demonstrable history of lying about the behavior of others and asbestos violations!! This is why I think you must be extremely detailed during the walk through inspection. Do it with an HD camera and have their guide in every camera shot.

Make sure the guide shows ID on camera and that everything is time and date stamped. Make sure you get a shot of that days news paper on camera and that everything is taped in one continuous shot.

DO NOT LET THEM RUSH YOU!!! A detailed inspection should last between 1 to 4 hours not 10 to 30 mins. (Also, ask for 5 additional days after move in to email to them any thing you may have missed)

Mark down everything! Every little scratch and ask them on camera to produce 3rd party documentation that the place was recently declared free of mold, bed bugs, asbestos and lead paint.

(There should be a screen shot on of an anonymous Craigs list poster alleging bed bugs and misinformation in a post they made public about a property managed by Northwest Pacific Property Management. I haven’t looked in to it so all I know is what was posted in the above screen shot but you know the old saying ”an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” )

Check out the 3rd party to see that they are legitimate and have a good record for honesty.

Take a sample of the drinking water and have it lab tested before you sign anything !

For what its worth, this is the first management company in Salem/Dallas that I have seen where a person has publicly accused them of manufacturing the appearance of damage to a property so that they could milk the person moving out of additional monies. (screen shot at What is really alarming is that this person wasn’t anonymous, it was a reviewer who said it openly so clearly this person was not afraid of any legal action. For someone to be that bold I think that in itself speaks volumes!

Keep in mind that most likely you are going to need a reference from them to get other housing.

Do not put yourself in a position where you find yourself wishing your had prepared for such scenarios but didn’t.

In one online post I saw a person complain (also not anonymous and shown on about a friend having been evicted by them for no reason and when they asked why, they where told, ”You don’t need a reason to move out thus we don’t need a reason to give you notice once your lease is up.”

Assuming that post was legitimate, I can not envision that person getting a good move out reference, so I think you should have a plan to protect yourself from such an ordeal as well in your lease just in case.

Oh and I wanted to say something about DEQ fining them thousands for violations really quick , just research how hard it is to get caught for an asbestos violation like that and what the odds are that this had happened many times in the past and is still happening. Then research the damage asbestos does to the human body after only brief exposure and how long it can take for its effects to take hold.

There is so much I want to say and show people about this company and the way they treat people.

I can not wait for my chance to testify against them. I cant wait to stand before a Judge and Jury and go over bit by bit everything I have seen and know about this company and I will gladly consult with any attorney for free who wishes to sue or to plea for charges to be brought against them.

Also please contact me if they have threatened you in anyway with legal action based on any online review!! As long as everything you said was true or a clear opinion, I maybe able to hook you up with some pro bono legal teams that will metaphorically mop the floor with them in court.

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