Doug Jensen’s Sony PXW-FS7 Master Class – CHAPTER ONE FREE!

Doug Jensen’s Sony PXW-FS7 Master Class is available for on-demand streaming here at Vimeo, but you can watch the first chapter (42 minutes) for free. If you like what you see, please order the other 5 hours!

With the release of Sony’s PXW-FS7 digital cinema camera, the possibility of recording stunning, cinematic-quality 4K, 2K, and HD images with an affordable camera has become a reality. However, like any professional camera of this caliber, the FS7 is extremely complex and has a steep learning curve. And that’s why this Master Class has been created by Vortex Media to help FS7 owner/operators get started off on the right foot. This 6-hour training video series is the most thorough and efficient way to learn both the fundamentals and advanced features of Sony’s revolutionary PXW-FS7 camcorder.

Doug Jensen, a director of photography with over two dozen Sony camcorder training videos and books to his credit, leads you through all the major features and functions of this amazing 4K camcorder. Not only does Doug tell you “what” a feature does, he also explains “why”, “when”, and “how” to use it. This is as close to a one-on-one training session with Doug Jensen as you can get without actually hiring him yourself for personal instruction. In no time at all he’ll have you up to speed on all of the camera’s features and functions — plus Doug shares his favorite custom settings, scene files, best practices, and dozens of tips and tricks.

In the no-nonsense style for which Doug Jensen is known, he cuts through the clutter of confusing, misunderstood, and undocumented features. He demystifies the camera and explains each of its functions while providing practical, step-by-step instructions for how to use them. His suggestions and advanced techniques will improve the quality of your footage, streamline your workflow, and make you more productive.

Topics include: Getting Started, Creating a User Menu, Recording Formats, the Custom Shooting Mode, Paint Menus, Scene Files, the Cine EI Shooting Mode, LUTs & Look Profiles, Setting Exposure, White Balance, Markers, All Files, Memory Cards, Video Monitoring, S&Q Motion, custom Clip Naming, Assign Buttons, Audio Recording, Timecode, Picture Cache, Interval Recording, Wi-Fi Control, System Menus, Playback Operation, Ingesting & Archiving, and much more.

This master class is a completely independent production with no sponsorship, input, or approval from Sony. It delivers unbiased information and professional advice that can’t be found from any other source.

About the instructor:

Doug Jensen describes himself as someone who “lives and breathes” video production and digital photography. As an HD cinematographer, producer, director, editor, and consultant, Doug enjoys being involved in all facets of production. With over 35 years of video production and post-production experience, Doug combines his extensive professional experience with his teaching skills to bring a wide-ranging, real-world perspective to his independent training videos, books, and live classroom workshops.

During his career, Doug has worked in many areas of the television and video production industry, including: freelance ENG/EFP owner-operator; cameraman for live sporting events and concerts; news photographer; director of photography for documentaries; and a corporate video writer/director/producer who specializes in training and promotional videos.

As one of only a dozen members of Sony’s Independent Certified Experts (I.C.E.) team, he frequently teaches HD workshops around the United States and in other countries, including Japan, where he has been sent by Sony to consult with their XDCAM EX product development engineers. Doug has taught camcorder workshops for Sony at every NAB convention since 2006.

In addition to his hands-on experience in the production side of the business, Doug is also the founder of Vortex Media, which produces in-depth instructional videos, high-definition camcorder field guide books, and innovative production tools, including: the well-known WarmCards White Balance Reference System, and Storm Jacket Camera Covers.

Doug’s training videos and books include: Vortex Media’s Guide to the PMW-F55”; “Mastering the Sony PMW-F3 Camcorder”, “Vortex Media’s PDWF800/700 Field Guide”; “Mastering the Sony PMW-EX3”; “Mastering the Sony PMW-200-160-150-100 Camcorders; “Mastering the Sony HVR-Z7U”; “How to Set Up, Light, & Shoot Great Looking Interviews”; “How to Set up and Shoot Awesome Interviews with LED Lights”; “Mastering the Canon XF305 & XF300 Camcorders”, and many others.

His credits and clients include: NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN, PBS, BBC, NHK, EBU, TNT, A&E, E!, ESPN, HGTV, Discovery Channel, Food Network, Travel Channel, History Channel, Sundance Channel, Warner Bros., Weather Channel, Golf Channel, NASCAR Images, MLB Productions, NBA Entertainment, Holland America, USDA Forest Service, Microsoft, Hasbro, Disney, Textron, Johnson & Johnso

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