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The dragon has an unofficial nickname given to it by the cast and crew of the show. Its nickname: Bucky.
Original name for Fantasmic was Imagination but was changed since Disney could not copyright the name.
This was the first show in the US to use the new French water screens. In addition to being used for back projection, they can completely hide Tom Sawyer Island for set changes.
Film images are projected onto three massive mist screens which appear on the River. Each screen is 50 feet wide, 30 feet high, and 6 inches thick.
Features include lasers, fog effects, water fountains, fireworks, and fiber-optics technology.
Maleficent, the Sleeping Beauty sorceress, is transformed into a 45-foot dragon which breathes fire and ignites the surface of the River.
Five water barges are the means by which a 20-foot-tall Ursula and a 25-foot-long Crocodile move about the river.
Length of Presentation: 22 minutes
Stage: For the most part, Fantasmic! takes place on the water. The remainder of the production occurs on the new “rest area” in front of the Cider Mill on Tom Sawyer Island. While guests may visit here during the day, at night it is a performance space including a 20-foot by 20-foot trap door.
Crew: 50 per performance
Costumes: 341 costumes are necessary to operate seven nights a week.
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