Golden – Wreckfish Deep Drop 20 Apr 12 (Norfolk Canyon)

With tog and BSB closed, decided to make a run to the Norfolk Canyon to deep drop onFriday 20 Apr 12. Wally, Rick, and Matt crewed up with me and we left at 2 am heading to the shoals to try for drum on the way out off Fisherman’s Island. Did not try to get into the breakers at night with my boat on a dark, moonless night so fished 11 feet of water next to deep water. Had one run that didn’t come tight so headedto the canyon at first light.

Buddy boated with Kapoc Mike on the Blue Dragon. Ride out to the canyon was not too bad but had to go slow with the head sea swells but most were just swells that didn’t give us too much problem. Somewhere in between the triangles and the fingers, we entered a wall of fog and visibility got worse as we approached the canyon. Radar on and radar reflector flag raised up high, we pressed on thinking the sun would burn off the fog soon. It never did. Fog stayed with us all day and never saw the sun until the ride home. Never saw another boat near us other than Blue Dragon and big ships off on the distance.

Started off trying for grouper but found the juvenile wreckfish hungry. The wreckfish count as our 1 pp grouper limit so we got our limit of 10-15 pounders with a couple of drops. I don’t believe these fish would survive atrip back down to 600 feet so we stopped grouper fishing and headed over to find some blue line tiles. Only found the small ones and the smooth dog sharks were thick over the bluelines holes so moved away. And these dogs were big, the biggest I’ve seen. Some of them gave such a good fight we had trouble calling them so as the dog was coming up, we thought we had a nice fish only to be disappointed with a dog.

Went exploring for new golden grounds. I always drop on new areas every trip as this is the only way to get new numbers. Unfortunately, the dogs were bad there too, yes in 500-600 feet of water. There were also lots of 18-20 inch bluefish there. But we did manage 10 goldens tiles with Rick having the hot hand catching the 3 biggest (33, 35, and a 40 pound golden). The day was getting late and Rick and Wally were the only ones catching goldens with Matt and myself only bringing up dogs and bluefish. But we each scrapped out small ones before going home. This was a new spot for me and I told the crew that the waypoint gets to be named after who catches the biggest golden so this spot was named Golden Rick on my chart plotter.

Thanks to Mike on the Blue Dragon for buddy boating with us. You guys had a great day too. Got some great groceries on this run. Final tally:

10 golden tiles
5 blueline tiles
4 wreckfish
12 bluefish
1 rosie
countless huge smooth dog sharks

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