Gulf News – The Headline News Cup Sleeve

To help Gulf News reach even more readers, we redesigned the coffee cup sleeve of Tim Hortons, a global coffee chain, and created a completely new advertising medium: The ‘Headline News’ Cup Sleeve.

Using a special News Printer, the baristas pulled out the headline of the hour from Gulf News’ Twitter account and printed it on the custom-made sleeve. So everyone could read the latest news as they enjoyed their freshly brewed Tim Hortons coffee. Every hour. Every day.

So far, over 2,880 breaking news tweets have been printed on more than 1,680,00 coffee cups, increasing the traffic to the Gulf News website by 41%, twitter followers by 210% and subscription by 10.8%. The project was rolled out in 15 Tim Hortons outlets across the UAE with more stores to open soon.

The project was featured in more than 100 popular blogs and news sites such as AOL, MSN, Springwise, PSFK, Trend Hunter, Discovery News, Food Beast and Cool Business Ideas, among others. With a small investment and no media budget, it resulted in a combined PR value of more than USD 150,000.

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