Helena Álvarez/ Oceana – ‘We can exchange knowledge’

‘Scientists from all over the world, from very different areas of expertise, they all gather here and we can exchange knowledge and create groups to work in the future’


Interview recorded in the SOPHIA Studio (www.sophia-mar.pt) during the Deep-Sea Biology Symposium (DSBS, Aveiro 2015).

Helena Álvarez (HA), M.Sc. Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, is a marine scientist at Oceana. Her research focuses on the conservation and sustainable management of deep-sea ecosystems.

SOPHIA – Knowledge for the management of marine environment is a literacy for the oceans project developed in Portugal. It is a not for profit collaboration between the Administration and knowledge and research community. It provides training and knowledge content to help develop a common language within this community.

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Deep-Sea Biology Symposium – The triennial DSBS is the most important meeting for deep-sea biologists around the world. The 14th edition was held in Aveiro, Portugal, in 2015