Hypnotic Suggestion Trailer

Film/ media exhibit, Hypnotic Suggestion, will be open to the public on April 7, 2012 from 3pm –
10pm at the UCF Center for Emerging Media. This exhibition will feature works from alumni and
current students of the University of Central Florida Film Program presented by Alternative
Currents Collective. Alternative Currents Collective is a local art collaborative centered around the
exploration of the many ways one can view art. In this showcase we are given the opportunity to
witness a display of images and sound that provoke a feeling, a thought, and an idea that is not
purely our own. To call upon the rediscovery of what distracts us and in turn makes up who we are
today. The central theme, Hypnotic Suggestion brings to light these important moments.
This event will provide a local establishment for upcoming artists within the Central Florida
community. As part of Alternative Currents, we are constantly exploring our perception of our own
nostalgias and environmental circumstances. We express our findings via the frame through the
many different media outlets we have available. The possibility of creating a new way of seeing an
image is a challenge we are constantly working towards.

We are excited to be working with such talented artists. Many works to highlight are “Suffering for
the Duration” by Daniel Watkins, “Phase Space” by Jon Perez, “Gorgeous Media” by Christina
Santa Cruz, and “A Charge for Privacy” by Branger_Briz. “Suffering for the Duration” illustrates
the aftermath of applying a soldering iron to a reel of film. “Phase Space” is a multiple channel
video installation displaying scenes of nature within the context of an isolated gallery space.
“Gorgeous Media” exposes the inherent fear of manipulation that resides in any viewer of social
images produced by the media. “A Charge for Privacy” asks the question: Are you willing to give
up privacy for social networking?

You can find more information about this event on our facebook page:

This will be the first of many shows curated by Alternative Currents Collective. Hypnotic
Suggestion offers a unique experience for those that attend. It will be an opportunity for artists and
audiences to come together and explore the different forms of art making in the Orlando

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