In Too Deep – Jonah: Man Overboard

Fish stories. Tales of bigger than life exploits and adventures that seem too good to be true. We’ve all heard them. We’ve all told them. And maybe the biggest fish story of all time involves a fish, an assignment from God and man called Jonah. However, this bigger than life story isn’t a made up or exaggerated tale but a real life of account of a man we can all relate with. A man who tried life his own way and found himself overboard, needing to be rescued.

The story of Jonah illustrates how easy it is for us to run from God, to run from assignments, and to run from grace. But the beauty of this story is that no matter how far we run, God is always ready to throw us a line, give us a second chance, and rescue us from a mundane life.

Have you been running?

Are you set adrift in a sea without purpose?

Do you need a second chance?

Do you need to be rescued?

Join us at Christ’s Church starting April 30 / May 1 and hear how God rescued Jonah, gave him a second chance, used him to help change the world… and how He can do the same for you!

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