Interstellar Travel to Alpha Centauri with in 30 years

Project aims to send a featherweight robotic spacecraft to the nearest star at one-fifth of the speed of light. Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner launch $100m star voyage, In an unprecedented boost for interstellar travel. Breakthrough Starshot – the third Breakthrough initiative in the past four years – will test the knowhow and technologies necessary to send a featherweight robot spacecraft to the Alpha Centauri star system, at a distance of 4.37 light years: that is, 40,000,000,000,000 kilometres or 25 trillion miles. A 100 billion-watt laser-powered light beam would accelerate a “nanocraft” – something weighing little more than a sheet of paper and driven by a sail not much bigger than a child’s kite, fashioned from fabric only a few hundred atoms in thickness – to the three nearest stars at 60,000km a second.

Likelihood of interstellar travel:
Time it would take to visit nearest star:
Fermi Paradox:
What it looks like to travel near light speed:
MIT Game Lab Download “A Slower Speed of Light”:
Alcubierre drive:
“Quantum Entanglement & Spooky Action at a Distance”:

“The Speed of Light is NOT About Light”:

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