Is Residual Income For Everyone?

That question is always asked by many people. How on earth it is possible to create a residual income since most of the people can not proceed a single sale? The Myth which spreads around is simple but very misleading. ” Sell to your downline and forget. You will become reach with their efforts”

What a walloping lie! If you don’t help your downline what chances do you have to succeed? None. If you don’t help them learn from your mistakes and avoid them how They will create their downlines?

Residual income is based on successful duplication. Period. Not everyone can be the best salesman or having the charisma of sociability in full scale . (although we all should cultivate that).

So, what remains is the network marketing system which includes all the necessary tools to succeed. Ask yourself. How network marketing giants created downlines of thousands and earning six figure income? They used the tools and strategies their uplines used and they forward them to their downlines.

Another misconception is the “Get Rich Quick” mindset which means less effort combined with Gazillions of dollars . Yes, network marketing can provide astonishing residual income if done right but that’s far away of the “make money Now” false promises many distributors diffuse.

95% of the mlm home based businesses fail because people think they will quit their 9-5 day job in 2 months. Plus they don’t consider it as a Business, which exactly is.

Although huge corporations and multinational companies have applied network marketing strategies as a fraction of their total marketing efforts and even if mlm is a marketing course for universities like Stanford many people consider it as a scam or “pyramid scheme”.

They still don’t get it. Having 1% of the efforts of other people is much better than 100% of your own efforts. The potential is unlimited especially today with the internet and over 600.000.000 internet users which will be over in the next 10 years.

One final misconception is the begging principal. If you join an mlm business opportunity you have to beg your cousin , uncle, your mate from the army you haven’t seen him for 15 years and so on. Calling them and begging them is the primary step to success. Right?

Wrong! You need targeted people to start with. It could be purchased mlm leads or combined online advertising methods it doesn’t matter, it has to be targeted to specific group of people having the same interest and goals with you. In that case network marketing business.

By doing that your mlm downline sign ups will explode . The more target and precise you will be the more success you will have. It’s the fundamental rule of all kinds of marketing.