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Have a Look at This, pl;ease, I think Swara Bhaskar does not know, about history of Lahore, it is oldest city of sub-continent, who was Ram, and who was Laho, the Hindo gods, its history of five thousands years, it is older than Delhi, in recent century, in 1947 on the partition Lahore had 90% Hindu and Sikh dominated traders, only one Muslim Family which was rich and had business Empire was Mian Yousaf’s dynasty, sir, Mian Muhammad Shafi father of Begum Shanawaz (Father and daughter Book fame, ) an congress MLA, Mian Iftekhar Uddin, the owner of PPL, of Pakistan, Imroz and Masharaq news papers press. He was the first Muslim, first Lahorite, was lured up by Quaid to join with Quaid’s Muslim League, and with his help, Punjab Assembly passed resolution to join Pakistan, he was made Minister of Rehabilitation and settlement in federal Govt, by Quaid. On the death of Quaid, Liquat Ali Khan removed him, he was opposition leader during Liaquat Ali Khan preferred to have first visit to USA instead of USSR, a remarkable speech he, delivered as opposition leader in Pakistan Constituent Assembly’ in 1950, in Pakistan Archive is there. Mian tittle was granted to this Aryan landed family by Emperor Shah Jahan, for the contribution of reasonable land for construction of the famous monument “SHALAMAR GARDEN’ their first ancestor was Mian Muhammad Yousaf. So now all Aryan families adopted title MIAN, never know the back grounds. Alas. the actual owners of this lanbd of pure, were made beggars, and illegal rulers became Sharif’s of Lahore like Sharif’s of Mecca, Ayub Khan nationalized PPL and taken over Shalamar Garden’s administration, depriving the family. I don’t know about this family original Lahore’s owner, Mian Arif Iftehkhar joined with PPP and was MPA from Lahore, Begum Shah Nawaz was first choice for presidency, due to her octogenarian condition, the choice was Ch. Fazal Ellahi. of Gujrat….
Javed Rashid Interesting, Lahore seems to be at least 4000 years old , may have been the abode of Ram, Sita with Rawan living in the vicinity .

Mbugi Ansari add another 1000 years,FOR SURE,ancient relics Found are older,28th April 2015-
DEAR Ghulam Nabi Malik- Saheb- I have retained your Write up on Lahore Please have a Look, For those who cannot see on You Tube, i have DOWN LOADED here as an Indian Actress has praised Lahore Like Any thing, SHUKRIYA–

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