La Vuelta Puerto Rico – 3 day cycling event

La Vuelta Puerto Rico is the ultimate cycling adventure for serious endurance athletes interested in a unique pro-like experience. Circumnavigate the entire island as part of a fast-paced international peloton on this fully supported, three-day, 375-mile event. Choose your group and ride at 15, 18 or 21 mph average.

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The Peloton
If you’ve ever watched the Tour de France and thought about how great it would be to be part of a peloton of skilled riders as you glide effortlessly through pristine countryside, you’re in luck. La Vuelta Puerto Rico is all about the peloton (and, yes, peloton riding is every bit as fun as it looks).

At La Vuelta, riders divide themselves into three pelotons based on the pace they prefer to ride. Group A is for the hammerheads, and travels at sustained speeds of more than 25 to 30 mph (a pace very similar to professional stage racers). Group B rides between 20 to 25 mph averaging 18 mph. Group C rides at 18 to 20 mph and averages 15 mph. Riders are expected to be able to maintain these speeds (Groups B & C) for the entirety of the event in order to keep up with the averages of 18 mph and 15 mph respectively.

Total elevation gain for all three days is approximately 12,000 feet. Expect all kinds of terrain, from flats to rolling hills to climbs. The majority of the climbs are slow and steady, but there are also a few short pitches that are quite steep (you’ll know them when you see them).

The Weather
In winter, the average high temperature is 83°F. Rain showers are always possible, but are usually brief. Be prepared for sunshine and humidity most of the ride. Staying hydrated is essential and for that we provide sports drinks from our sponsors. It is also important to use high-SPF sun block and wear appropriate clothing. Headbands, cycling caps and white “arm warmers” are extremely popular accessories among seasoned Vuelta veterans.

La Vuelta is a fully supported bike tour. Rest stops are spaced between 20 and 25 miles apart and stocked with water, sport drinks, fruit and other snacks. There are designated breakfast and lunch stops where riders will find delicious meals planned specifically for endurance athletes.

Support vehicles will be available for bicycle emergencies. Mechanical support will be offered on the course by professional bicycle mechanics. Services included in your registration are for “light” mechanical adjustments. Additional parts and services are available on a cash-only basis.

Medical and EMS support will be available throughout the entire Vuelta. Cyclists will be provided with emergency contact numbers for medical or mechanical assistance before the tour begins.

In the unlikely event that you are unable to complete a particular day of the tour, you will be offered transportation to your hotel. Should you need to completely withdraw from the tour, our staff will assist you with arranging transportation for your return to San Juan.

Rider numbers — we provide each rider with a number that will help us recognize you in the event of an emergency. It will also identify you as an official rider in the Vuelta to other riders, police, etc. The number sheet should be pinned to the back of your cycling jersey each day. Same goes with a helmet number and a bike number.

Tires — Due to the varied nature of the roadways on the island, we recommend using puncture-resistant all-season tires. 25 mm are very popular among seasoned Vuelta riders. Many others use kevlar lining for extra protection and all tires should be at the maximum pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

Lights — Due to the early-morning departures, cyclists must have a white light affixed to the front of their bike, as well as a red light affixed to the back. No exceptions.

Helmets — Riders are required to wear appropriate safety helmets at all times, its the Law in Puerto Rico.

Cell phones — Riders should carry cell phones in case of emergency. Speaking over the phone while riding is prohibited unless you use a bluetooth wireless device.

Radios and headphones — The use of radios and headphones while riding is prohibited. This includes ipods.

Aero bars — The use of aero bars is prohibited. Please remove them from your bikes prior to the event. We have a zero tolerance against these for obvious reasons.

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