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SalarO TV’s Episode 2 is all about some of the latest interesting news data published in the last couple of months on the Mobile Web, SmartPhones, Tablets as well as comparisons to Desktop and how to be better equipped to deal with the fast changing mobile platform.

Whilst we have been producing custom solutions for the Mobile and Desktop Web for many years, we have now produced our first Packaged Templates using “Responsive CSS Framework. This technology lets both Mobile and Desktop users see a single website content delivered to them intelligently regardless what size size device or operating system the users are using.

Before the video goes deeper in the solutions we have stated the State of Art today with regards Mobile and SmartPhones and give you some recent news.

Currently in the developed world Smartphones and Tablets now account for a fifth of the web traffic. Majority of the share goes to iOS devices and iPad leads by owning 95% of tablet traffics. This ratio is constantly changing in favour of the mobile devices as more low cost Tablets like Google Nexus at around $200 USD are coming out in large numbers in the next 12 months.

We also show you a real world statistics right here on one of our own sites in UK that is not techy, it is a Property site and therefore the users are from cross section of public in UK – Analytics Demo.

We show you how the Mobile browsing is significant in US and Europe and growing. However, Significant proportions of mobile devices are in China and India and developing world are using far less capable devices to browse the web. Although it this is also changing.

Just Apple alone is currently producing 5 mobile device like iPhone and iPad per second. This is a number larger than the number of babies born every second throughout the world. So it does not take much to extrapolate that soon everyone on earth is likely to own a fully capable smartphone that is capable to browse the web. So the QUESTION we ask is:


The challenge for the next couple of years is to keep up. To ensure sites like delivers the content to all users regardless of the type of browsers they are using.

What else is coming?

From technology standpoint things are moving even faster. Some Food for thought, Let me show you one new technology that I am sure most of you have not given it too much deliberation in how it is going to affect your web content accessibility. That is voice Search for mobile and future gesture control like using Kinect for desktop devices.

There is a good consensus in the web development community now that the web content needs to be able to deal with all these new technologies. Here at Salaro we have one that would suite your next upgrade — using Smart Responsive CSS frameworks, allow websites to respond appropriately to these devices without relying on specific device detection. That way one can deliver a great experience to all users regardless their screen size.

Let us take a look at Siri and Google Voice Search in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. and try and visualize how important it will be for your content will also need to be become compliant for navigation using just Voice.


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The web world today, moves and progresses swiftly, so I hope to keep a continuous flow of work related information and ideas in my subsequent blogs and the personal weekly TV show.

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