LEGALLY Stop Paying Income Tax as seen on ABC News

If you Google “legally stop paying income tax”
noted business leader of America Veronica Grey, founder of is the ONLY person ever interviewed on TV on this subject. Her book “How to LEGALLY Stop Paying Income Taxes EVER Again” is a #1 bestseller on Amazon / Kindle (at the URL above).
Special thanks to everyone at Good Morning Wyoming especially Brittany Moore and everyone at Best Western Ramkota Casper.
Yes that is an MGMT shirt.
And yeah war war is stupid Boy George got one thing right but mahalo nui loa to the Army Rangers in Pupukea who let me extended stay at their house and raid their closets YEA MAN. And Alex Hernandez of 360 Media Watch what would the Industry do without y’all?
Let’s all do our part to remain Home of the Brave (not just on a wave 🙂 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by all those involved with this segment WE don’t own it.

If you have seen stuff on YouTube about how to become a “Free Man;” reclaim your sovereignty by using freedom documents, this way is soooooooo MUCH EASIER AND FASTER. It doesn’t even compare.

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