Majorca: Holidays For Everyone

There’s a reason why tourism in Majorca has exploded in recent years. And exploded it definitely has – the number of tourists visiting the island has leapt from 500,000 in 1960 to nearly 7,000,000 in 1997 to over 20,000,000 in 2001.

So why are holidays in Majorca so popular with English tourists?

The Majorca Weather – Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine

Well, the first reason is obvious – the glorious weather. Majorca is famous for its warm weather, and as Britain recovers from recent flooding, it looks particularly enviable. In summer temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius at points, making it perfect for sunbathing without ever feeling too uncomfortable. Even in winter (which is still a good time to visit the island, but you may find much of the tourist fare closed out of season) Majorca’s weather is mild and pleasant with frequent sunny days. These warm temperatures are also matched by the waters, which are clear and perfect for diving (for those not content to just recline on the beach all day).

Majorca: A Britain away from Britain

Another reason for Majorca’s popularity with Brits abroad is because it is so British in places. Resorts such as Magaluf and Palma Nova are so well catered for British holiday makers that the majority of voices you hear will be English and the home comforts are easily obtainable from the local shops and cafes – be it a full English breakfast or some Cadburys chocolate. To this end, Majorca resorts often feel like a hotter beach based version of Britain which is what people often want from a break in the sun.

Rude not to visit Majorca at that price

Holidays in Majorca are really cheap these days. The competition between the island’s hotels and the growth of internet travel companies means that everyone’s trying their hardest to undercut each other. Without putting the hard sell on too much, I feel that my company (Search Travel Online) have got some particularly decent Majorca holiday deals at the moment – but I shall try and return to neutrality now…

Once you are actually there, the prices are good as well – compared to restaurants in the UK, you are in for a pleasant surprise when you explore Majorca’s restaurants and shops for the first time.

Majorca: Something for Everyone

The other odd thing about Majorca’s popularity is the stereotypical holiday maker it attracts – there isn’t one! We regularly sell to groups of teenagers, families with young children, young couples and even elderly holiday makers. Majorca is so varied, there are attractions for everyone. From the wild club scene of Magaluf and Palma Nova, to the historical heritage of Puerto Pollensia, to the culture and shopping of Palma, to the glorious beaches of Alcudia to the various children’s attractions and fantastic restaurants dotted throughout the island, you’re sure to find something to make your Majorca holiday memorable.

And the best thing about Majorca? It’s small enough to see as much or as little of this huge variety as you like with a rental car.