MedZine – real time medical news app

MedZine: personalised medical news app dedicated for the healthcare professional

This international app is the first medical news-generating app that is specially developed for the healthcare professional. The free app can be used to generate a relevant news selection specified to your field of expertise from thousands of international medical resources. The resources that MedZine uses are selected by a medical editorial board and comprise prominent scientific journals, occupational societies and other leading medical websites.

MedZine enables the specialist to easily create a personal virtual magazine. After selecting one or more of the 47 specialisms the magazine is continuously and automatically replenished with the most recent news on your fields of interest. The magazine lay-out allows you to comfortably flip through the pages and directly read and share articles. In addition, MedZine generates Popular and Recommended articles sections for you by using semantic searching.

Furthermore, you can integrate your own Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. This way you are always aware of the latest updates from your network. It is very easy to share articles with your colleagues via email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter! Do you want to read an article again on a later time point? Save these articles simply by bookmarking them. You can add a response to each article and you can give a rating.

This app is developed by the independent medical publisher Medix Publishers B.V.

MedZine: personalised medical professional news for you!

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