Modern Ruin: Black Hole

An extended preview of a film constructed from 150,000 photographs that combines time lapse footage of riots, optical illusion paintings and stars. Modern Ruin is a contemplation of the idea that creation and destruction is the same thing. In the same way that you, life itself and even the laws of the universe are deeply paradoxical, so too are the realities pieced together to form this non-reality.

Every event depicted in Modern Ruin happened in naked reality, from the riots, to the optical-illusion paintings.

All of my films are accompanied by still portfolios and outtakes culled from thousands of photographs shot for the film. They are designed not just to reflect the artwork in the film, but to add another dimension to it. They can be found on my website:

Riots – I would like to be clear that the riots in this film, which began right outside my front door, were set in motion when the Anaheim police department shot and killed an unarmed man last summer. When the residents of my neighborhood began protesting they showed up and shot into the crowd with rubber bullets, threw tear gas and released a K9 unit, which mauled one man’s arm. They would later say that releasing the dog was accidental. There’s quite a bit more to the story obviously, but I want to make sure that it’s well understood that the footage in this film is not meant to be consumed as a factual news item. It’s definitely taken out of the context of reality and used in another. It’s making art out of news.

Soundtrack & Sound Design: Jeff Frost
Additional Editing: Michael Tremaine
Assistance: Stephanie Alva
Location Assistant: Sebastian Paquin

Camera 2: Paul Anthony
Camera 3: Michael Stern
Assistants: Stephanie Alva, Bree Walker
Special Thanks: Francis Kortekaas, Chelton Perry, Fredrick Faith

Linda Vista location secured with the support of
Capital K Pictures

Sofian Khan
Eileen Gittins
Daniel Milnor
Jeff Dunas
Patrick Kahn
Holly Kahn
Stephen Knapp
Phil Plait
Steve Anderson
Peter Brusso
Brooke Degraw
Bill Johnson
Stuart Palley
Clive Holloway

Sponsored in part by
Dynamic Perception

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