Billionaire Boys Club head to Moscow to launch their first ever Russian Satellite Store via a number of names*. The store features a custom interior design and layout curated using classic logos and graphics from the brands extensive archive.

The Moscow Satellite Store will be located at the world-renowned Tsvetnoy Central Market, situated central of Moscow in the Old Tsvetnoy Boulevard, from which its name derives. Fittingly the store is open during Russian Cosmonautics Day, which will be celebrated with an exclusive Billionaire Boys Club party on Saturday 12th April.

To celebrate the opening of the store, Billionaire Boys Club EU have released an exclusive capsule of product including a T-Shirt design featuring a graphic print and quote from pioneering Russian Rocket-Scientist, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. Tsiolkovsky is considered to be one of the founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics, which later led to the success of the Soviet Space Program.

As well as the T-Shirt Design a premium Dog-Ear Fitted Cap in collaboration with New Era will be released with the tag “American Russian Friendship” with a highly limited run of caps being produced. All items are European Exclusive and only sold in Europe via the Moscow Satellite Store, EU Webstore and London Store.

For further information please stay updated with all social media channels @bbcicecream_eu


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