Motion Graphic Demo reel

This Demo reel contains five videos of my motion graphic works:
1.Tehran TV Channel ident, “In the city” program: The program is about accidents, big news and other major activities that has happened in current day in Tehran. pictures of cars moving fast in a street of Tehran. I’ve always had a passion to create a Tehran street and make cars move in it, moving cars is a very regular picture that we see everyday and I love rhythm of cars moving fast and stopping, like the one we see in The Baraka movie. the whole scene is done by me (modeling, shading, lighting, rendering) and I used Renderman to get the good quality motion-blur when see the cars are going very fast and also sometimes they don’t move in a straight direction. it took almost two months to complete and working all by myself made it more difficult. date of completion: January 2010.
2. Tehran TV Channel ident, “Children’s program”. Some kids are playing with a ball. this kind of ball that you see in the video is a special plastic ball that most of young people are using in Iran when they want to play street football. date of completion: February 2010.
3. Experimental video about characters and Icons moving and hopping in a street. for the Farsi (Arabic) characters I used the typeface that I designed in 2010 (Harir). date of completion: December 2010.
4. Tehran TV Channel ident, “Feature film” program. you can see some film reels sitting in front of some projector and you could only observe the projector light reflected on the scene. date of completion: February 2010.
5. Tehran TV Channel ident, “Advertising”. Cup of tea and remote control, that’s your clue for break. date of completion: march 2010.

All videos are created with Maya and After FX and I used Pixar Renderman for rendering except video No. 4 which I used mental ray for rendering. I think the most personal Idea about these motions is the ending title in Persian typography.

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