Brothers Down-Under – DC Pro Ryan Tiene takes his younger brother Dane, back to his grassroot spots for some backcountry and urban snowboarding in Australia.

Judges Comments

Nicolas – “Using the entire mountain and shredding what’s in front of you is the highest in my ranks. even though trick technicality would go to Team Billabong this is my number one pick. Yeahh boys, nice spots!

Gigi – “drops hammers! Using the mountain to its full potential.”

Mel – ” Super fun edit. You propped the event & your spono. Really got out there & took full advantage of the Oz season, great terrain variety – very creative, excellent showcase of the TeeneyBro’s – riding style for days & it wouldn’t be a Teine production without your trademark nudecameo thrown in for good measure… Jezza: biggest plus for me was the fact that you used barely any after affects at all in piecing this edit together. Your shots were clean. Solid effort”

Connor Manning – Awesome editing and filming with good variety of shredding. Had some cool slow motion shots done well and not overdone. nice job

Russell Holt – These guys went after it. It is really hard to get film shots on natural terrain in Australia and these guys not only filmed lots of unique spots but created all time shots and then went on to drop some hammers at iconic spots in less than great decision – Gnar!. Having no park footage really separated them from the rest and made it feel like a legit movie part. Actually I’ll go as far as saying I’ve never seen such a good Australian-based video part…. ever. Congrats guys – you deserve the win.

Team Riders: Ryan Tiene, Dane Tiene

Filmer: Jeremy Richardson

Producer / Cinematographer: Jeremy Richardson

Location: Thredbo Alpine Resort, Charlotte Pass Resort

Producer: DC Australia

Team Manager: Jake Mannix

Music: Seen No Right by Deep Sea Arcade

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