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In the summer, Julia travelled to New York City and filmed this video.

“My first day in New York City, and the entire week that followed felt like a dream. I wrote in my travel journal: “When I cross the street I am stopped in awe in the middle at the landscape of buildings as far as I can see. It is a sea of never ending busy-ness and it is beautiful.”

We spent our time in New York exploring by foot. Some of the most magical memories were being in Central Park in the early hours of the morning when all was still quiet, the crazy sea of people on 5th avenue, the dogs, the view of the Empire State Building from Top of the Rock, the vastness of Central Station and the people. I felt like anywhere I pointed my camera on our daily adventures was just a picture waiting to happen, everything was beautiful. There are parks and trees everywhere, flowers and the setting sun poking out from in between the buildings. I never wanted to leave.”

Filmed on: Canon 5dmkiii + 35mm f1.4 & RX100 mkiii & mkiv

Edited with: ‘Waves’ Premiere Pro Preset //

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