NEWS FLASH!! Secret of the MUMMY

NEWS FLASH! MAJOR DISCOVERY IN EGYPT! The MUMMY of Hatshepsut was discovered today! “The biggest discovery in history!!” But there is a SECRET… that can not be revealed! What is the “SECRET OF THE MUMMY?” For more info on the video:

What is the secret of Hatshepsut, Queen of Egypt, who became Pharaoh and King of the greatest civilization in ancient history? This secret could not be revealed for 3,500 years. After years of meticulous research from all over the world, the secret can now be revealed.

All is revealed in “THE SECRET OF THE MUMMY”: mystery, intrigue, romance, adventure, and secret rituals within the temples. It’s all here… exposed for the first time!

What are the secret teachings from the All-Seeing Eye, the Eye of Horus Mystery School?

Supernatural awakening, paranormal powers, and magic await the select few allowed past the hallowed doors of the temples of the gods. The trials and tribulations are many, but wisdom in life comes to those who endure.


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