Ocean Theme Presentation – Laser Tag World


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Theme Description:
The Lost City of Atlantis has finally been discovered, and a mysterious new power emanates from the ocean floor… Explore this once great civilization that met its doom in a sudden and cataclysmic sinking and witness the stunning architecture, unfathomable treasures, and mysterious secrets which have been hidden away for centuries. Glimpse the beauty but beware the strange and powerful force permeating the Lost City of Atlantis…for a power strong enough to sink the island city can also seal you away in this underwater kingdom forever.

Your adventure to Atlantis begins aboard the submersible in the airlock chambers that serve as your briefing and vesting areas. As you descend to the sea floor you’ll be surrounded by large iron bulkheads, riveted metal paneling, and oversized steel bolts. Thick dome-shaped portholes provide windows out to view the curious sea life and dangerous creatures of the deep.

Once free from the submersible to roam, you’ll experience the Lost City of Atlantis where evidence of the island’s cataclysmic sinking surrounds you at every turn. An intricate labyrinth winds its way through the ruins of the city where you glimpse fallen Atlantean architecture, sculpted statues, colorful outcroppings of coral, and sea creatures of every kind. From hammerhead sharks and enormous tortoise to schools of fish and the curious manta ray, this wondrous environment lost to the centuries offers a combination of excitement and danger.

Watch your step as you search the corridors and ruins of this highly developed society. Unveil its secrets, but take heed the ancient power lurking in wait to strike again.

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