Power Napping Mediation Kelly Howell Brain Sync Nap Music for Dreaming

You can get the entire MP3 for Power Napping here. See Power Nap

This guided meditation for sleeping track features delta wave binaural beats for a power nap, combining soothing meditation music interwoven with exclusive Soma Zone nap music designed for dreaming.

There are two tracks 1 for a 20 minute nap, and the a second track for a 40 minute power nap. New research by Nasa reports evidence that 20-40 minute naps increase your brain power by almost 40 %. Beta waves at the end wake your mind up refreshed, and renewed.
Kick the caffeine habit, put on your headsets and lay back for your Power Nap… You to can discover the power of inner stillness and rest from Power Napping using Kelly Howell’s meditation. .

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For the best results, use these programs in the early afternoon, ideally anywhere between one and three o’clock. Find a quiet place where you can remove your shoes and lay down. Listen to your preferred nap program on headphones, and allow yourself to fall into a quick but powerfully rejuvenating