RE-EMERGING: The Jews of Nigeria

“Their evident joy in Judaism is moving and unexpected.”
– New York Times

“Delivers a vibrant portrait of a fascinating subculture.”
– The Hollywood Reporter

“One of the Must-See Documentaries of 2013. Take Notice”
– The Amsterdam News

Jeff L. Lieberman’s brand-new documentary film, “RE-EMERGING: The Jews of Nigeria” has been heralded by film critics for its fascinating exploration of identity, ancestry, faith and belief as seen through the growing and little-known community of Igbo Jews in the West African nation of Nigeria.

The 2014 Academy Award-qualifying film made its theatrical debut at New York’s Quad Cinema in May, 2013 and at LA’s Laemmle Theatre in December 2013. That follows a year of screenings at film festivals in New York, Toronto, Boston, Washington, Vancouver, Switzerland and Israel, and first debuting at New York’s prestigious 92nd Street Y.

The New York Times, NPR, Hollywood Reporter, BBC, Village Voice, Newsday and Indiewire have all praised the film’s innovative storytelling, unique musical mash-ups, and thorough research into a largely unknown and rich past.

“RE-EMERGING: The Jews of Nigeria” (93 Minutes) is a journey into the heart of Igboland and into the lives and culture of the Igbo people. The film introduces the world to the many synagogues that dot the land, and a handful of passionate, committed, and diverse characters – each striving to fulfill their historical legacy with few resources and unbeknownst to most of the world. Individual stories are woven together with key facets of history, tracing the Igbo from Biblical times up to the brutal 1960s Biafran War, which killed over 1 million Igbo. A wide range of American academics help detail this history, including shedding new light on the Igbo origins of thousands of slaves captured during the Atlantic Slave Trade and brought to American shores. The film delves into this history and travels to the southeast coast of Georgia, where locals still speak of the Igbo spirit at a riverbed called Ibo Landing.

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