Relaxing Blue Ocean- Sea Aquarium with Shark and Sting Rays

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Take a dive into the wonderful world of the ocean with these two relaxing DVD’s and change your TV into a bright colourful, tropical aquarium. Perfect for a relaxing day at home or as a unique eye catcher during a party or in a public place.

This incredible relaxing DVD shows you the most beautiful creatures of the ocean. Swim along sea turtles and sharks, watch the sun shine through the water and discover rare species.

Six short tracks of ten minutes bring you a great variety of ocean reefs aquariums and deep sea aquariums. Enjoy three scenes of colourful corals and fish and three magical and serene scenes in the deep ocean.


I have seen some strange and wonderful marine creatures in other movies, but in this DVD set I saw some creatures that I have never even knew existed. Beautiful! Colourful and amazing! Not only will you enjoy a variety of fish, coral, sting rays, turtle, etc, but there is one creature that looks like a transparent light bulb and another one that is like a see-through ribbon dancing in the water. Absolutely beautiful to watch! Some even seem to generate their own electricity as they seem to glow in the dark. The music is soothing and with a hint of the mysterious, which matches the underwater filming very well. Not only are these 2 DVDs beautiful to watch, but they are very interesting too. Highly recommended!! – I use Apple TV to stream the digital versions and it looks great on my HD TV.
Margarita – Brisbane, Australia

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