Return Home Workshop#2 performance @ IMPACT 2013 Kitchener Ontario (part 4)

Co- created & performed by: Dima Alansari & Carlos Rivera,
Co-directed by: Majdi Bou Matar & Diane Roberts

This project was inspired by The Arrivals Personal Legacy Project of urban ink artistic director Diane Roberts. This projects is made possible by a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts-Artist in Residence Program.

Dima Alansari is currently an artist in resident with urban ink and MT Space. She is fundraising to complete Return Home.


Return Home is Dima Alansari’s exploration of her hybrid identity. Curious about her family roots, she uncovers a strong connection to her great grandfather Ibrahim. Ibrahim Al – Ansari held the keys to the Aqsa Mosque of Jerusalem. He was forced out of Palestine, along with his people, upon the establishment of the state of israel in 1948. Dima grew up between Kuwait and lebanon; a Palestinian that never knew Palestine. Now living in Canada, Dima draws parallels between her own historical narrative of occupation and colonization and that of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island.

Dima met and worked with several indigenous artists, leaders & communities, particularly in the DTES of Vancouver. In May 2012, she teamed up with Musquem nation actor Quelemia Sparrow where, together, they explored their own historical narratives, identities as well as their relationship to each other and to their land.

In this second workshop performance that will be displayed in 4 video parts, Dima teams up with Carlos Rivera to continue her exploration. Together, they use the body as means to bring forth decades of lost and forgotten stories, metaphors and

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