SciTech Culture In 2015 – SciTech Culture 6

As we approach the end of 2014, the world is on the edge of some exciting discoveries and announcements in science and technology, which will impact our culture at large. In technology, this will be driven by a relentless push towards cloud computing and connected devices, the aggregation of big data and the expansion of online services. It may have a touch of Orwellian danger about it, but then Orwell could never have predicted the positives to come from a world in which our data and privacy have become so easily shared. And as for science, look for more exciting announcements in our exploration of space, including the Horizons Probe reaching Pluto and the official end to the Curiosity Mission, amongst others. Steve and Ben take a look at these stories and more as they wrap up 2014 and look towards 2015 in Science, Technology and Culture.