Shot Dead for Development © Surya Shankar Dash (India) 2007

Shot Dead for Development
A tribute to the Adivasi – the original inhabitants of the land.
An animation depicting the Adivasi(Original inhabitants of the land) life in Orissa and their anti-mining struggles. The artist pays tribute to the men, women and children who have been shot dead by the police since 2001 for resisting mining and industrial activities on their land in Kalinga Nagar and Kashipur. The illustrations are in Idital (Saora Adivasi art) style and music is from the Koya and Bonda Adivasi.
Direction: Surya Shankar Dash Animation & Edit: Surya Shankar Dash Music: IRDWSI/MV Bhaskar Illustrations: Sarasi

Surya Shankar Dash is an Activist-Filmmaker based in Orissa who has been documenting the various people’s movements against industrialisation and mining in this region for last three years. Previous to that he was working with advertising agencies, news channels and filmmakers.

60X60 SECS
60 one-minute films from 60 artists, 20 each from Britain, India and Pakistan.
Commissioned by motiroti via open call both established and emerging artists, working in a variety of mediums and spanning a wide age range, present their unique views on ‘home’. Looking beyond media, political and religious definitions, 60×60 Secs unravels complex identities and stories, and redefines cultures that are evolving in an age of globalisation.×60/

Artists specialising in new media were appointed as Creative Associates in India and Pakistan. Working as curators, mentors and producers, they were called upon to build alliances and open doors for intercultural dialogue and engagement.

Concept/Artistic Director
Ali Zaidi

Creative Associates
Nila Madhab Panda (India)
Shalalae Jamil (Pakistan)

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