Sourabh Kaushal: My passion for space science

Sourabh Kaushal believes that imagination needs no qualifications. As an engineering student, Kaushal was fascinated by space exploration, and grew particularly concerned with the risks posed by debris orbiting the earth. Watch how Kaushal went on to propose new methods for space debris mitigation and won multiple awards for his research.

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Sourabh Kaushal is researching space debris mitigation and the development of a space elevator system (The transportation system from Earth into Deep Space). He also proposed new methods to mitigate space debris. His research was selected in many international conferences organised by NASA, ISRO, JAXA, ESA, IEEE, ISEC, Microsoft etc. Sourabh is currently worked with Google Lunar X prize team-Team Indus as a Research Associate. He received “Dr. Kalpana Chawla Young Scientist Award”, Runner Up “Jerome Pearson Award 2010” by ISEC,USA and nominated for “Jerome Lederer Space Safety Award 2013” by IAASS, Received “Young Innovator Award 2013” by Indira International Innovation Summit, India. He has also spoken at TEDxBITS GOA. He also works to spread awareness about science and technology among youth in villages by teaching them how to conduct research, sort out their problems, and link them with international and national experts.