Surf art

Where do you get your inspiration? Jason Swales goes for a surf.

Jason spends his days surfing and painting in and around the seaside town of Marion Bay on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula. He brings the experience of being out in the waves back to his canvas.

Jason is knows that world of the surf break. He takes us through the churning water and into deeper water full of sea creatures. He leads us to places amongst the crystal breaks and sea foam that your average casual paddler cannot reach.

Jason had an unconventional introduction to art. While most artists struggle to make a living from their work, he started painting to get himself out of some financial scrapes while on the road. Jason sold small paintings and drawings from his backpack. He has travelled the surfing world, visiting over 30 countries – “I have been broke in a lot of places ” Jason says.

Once he returned to Australia and settled down, Jason returned to his art, as a way to make a living and to express his love of surf. He is currently building a gallery under his house where he plans to show his work and that of other surf artists.

There is something about surfing. I tried it for a while, early morning starts, thunderingly cold wakeup call as the winter waves break over your head. I remember loving it.

Jason’s work reminds me that art can be used to explore and express our interest in the world. It can be a tool that helps us look, digest and question those things that hold our attention and our interest. It can be a way of celebrating the things we love and sharing them with other people.

It was a pleasure to take a dip into the cool clear world that Jason creates.

Are you an artist in the Mid North or Yorke Peninsula region? Get in touch with me (Sasha Grbich) to share your work through ABC Open.

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