Taking The Reins

Horse loggers once thrived in Japan, a nation with seventy percent of its land
covered in forest.

Only a handful remain today, including 34-years-old Takashi Iwama in Tono, Japan,
as the wave of inexpensive imported lumber pushed Japan’s timber industry out of business
and along side it, the art of horse logging.

However, Japan’s forests today is facing a unique problem: the legacy of large scale reforestation put in place more than 300 years ago.

Believing in harvesting the forest in a sustainable way Iwama takes the rein of a centuries old tradition.

Aljazeera’s Steve Chao reports from Tono, Japan (Twitter @stevechaosc )

Cameraman/editor: Matthew Allard (Twitter @mattaljazeera )

Producer: Aya Asakura (Twitter @ayaasakura )

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