The BBC, TFA and an iPhone 4S

Latest news September 2015, TV is changing and will become more Vimeo like I’m sure, check out the interesting article from BBC

The BBC love Vimeo, and so I was chuffed to bits when Talia from the mega awesome BBC Click team asked me to help them with making a short film using a smartphone at Alexandra Palace. The film is featured on the BBC News channel throughout today and tommorrow. So here it is a sort of behind the scenes of behind the scenes all captured with my iPhone 4S. The BBC Click team wanted to use a range of devices and apps including the Mobislyder by Glidetrack, Steadicam Smoothee, Filmic Pro, Action Movie FX App and many more. Yes I showed them the ‘grip’ and it was used in a Kung fu Style to capture a few scenes 🙂

The fabulous final film can be found at
There is a making of aswell which is featured in their programme.
Opening scene inspired by ‘The Twins’
Steady iPhone 4S ‘’

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