The Search for Hope Parent/Child, Panel Discussion

The Art of Conscious Living, The Search for Hope Parent/child discussion.

Berenice Meza
A Challenge Day is a 6 1/2 hour experiential program, in which we send two of our highly-trained, passionate Leaders from the San Francisco Bay Area to your school to lead a workshop for 100 students (grades 7-12) and 25 or more adults, including teachers, staff and family members.
You learn about Challenge Day and present the idea to your school through parents, students, administrators, teachers, faculty or other community members you believe would like to be involved.
Being the Change you wish to see in the world — Gandhi The change starts here – where you and other youth around the nation are inspired to create change in your schools and communities!

To bring Challenge Day to your school – the first step complete is to present Challenge Day to a teacher, counselor on someone on administration. As you have seen on the MTV show “If You Really Knew Me”, Challenge Day is a powerful, emotional and youth centered program. Often, youth have issues that may come up for them during the course of the program and they may need additional adult support. We want to make sure all students who participate in the program receive the support that they may need.

Daniel Holeman
My primary function in life is that of a Spiritual Guide and Messenger. Since my teens my life has been a ministry in service to our direct experience of God/Source and living in alignment with that awareness. The artwork is an expression of that role and also grabs people’s attention and directs it to the conversation of Spiritual Awakening, humanity’s Transformation and the latest word coming through from the expanded realms.
Our world is now in a period called “The Great Turning” — a stage of great transformation and awakening. Such a huge event will take the concerted efforts of millions upon millions of people, each doing their particular part. My part is to assist in the awakening of the consciousness, as it is from that place of awakened living that all true and lasting solutions are found.

When a person lives from the foundational awareness of the oneness of existence, they treat others with respect, as equals, with honesty and generosity. There can be no place for lying, cheating, greed, deception, violence, corruption, forcing one’s will on others, taking advantage of others, exploiting people or natural resources for personal gain, etc. All the suffering and problems our world faces arises from consciousness believing it is separate from the One.

Shiloh Boss
Individual Mentoring & Guidance
As a participant in your living reality, I’m here to strategically support your movement forward. My offering to the emerging world begins with you and then expands. Most importantly, this aspect of my service is about holding space as your witness in mindful reflection. From there, we begin to notice core patterns that are playing out in your nature. Then we explore these dynamics and how they relate with the dynamics of the living universe and the very nature of who you are and what you have come here to be.
I see a natural intelligence working through all things and in our space together we make room, take time, and investigate the inherent order that is working through you. In a spirit of curiosity, authenticity, and integration, we explore the wholeness that is finding its way by means of your current being. Through exploration and experimentation, one is able to evolve into the next level of living in empowered and choice-full ways. This is Concious Evolution!

With a rich background in supporting individuals through learning, growth, change, and transformation, I have a wealth of resources to draw on to aid in your full becoming. Sessions range from framing lifes current challenges and mapping out scales of perspective to illuminate your growth to inner contemplative body journeys that reveal the deep wisdom embedded within.

Some areas of my training that inform the support and guidance I can offer you: Transpersonal Psychology, Chinese 5 Elements & Taoist Studies, World Wisdom Teachings, Brain & Body Development, Coaching, The Dynamics of Trauma & Recovery, Shamanic Healing, Quantum Physics, Cosmometry and Patterns of the living universe, Conflict Resolution, Body Psychology, Effective Communication, Mythology, Buddhist Psychology, Martial Arts,,,,

When another person makes you suffer, It is because he suffers deeply within himself.
And his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment, he needs help.
Thich Naht Hahn, .Buddhist psychology

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