The Weather Channel

Trollbäck + Company re-branded The Weather Channel as the world’s most immersive and knowledgeable source of information and inspiration. This marks the network’s first rebrand in 31 years.

We were tasked with re-inventing the information design and creating a modern, exciting image for the network. All the communication, from maps and data visualization to the graphic language and icon system represents a new way to see our relationship with the world around us and further seals the network’s authority as the destination for all things weather.

The extensive graphics packaging includes the rebrand of Severe Weather show properties; virtual 3D sets; primetime promo packaging toolkits; a motion control mountain-view time-lapse with typographic lighting; and live-action talent IDs showcasing a deeper view of network personalities.

T+Co also helmed physical set designs to interact with the onscreen graphics; a new tone-of-voice guide with a friendly and respectable tilt; and a sonic identity, working with Man-Made Music, featuring all-new branded anthems, show opens and alerts.

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