Using the Canon C100 for Live Events

We had a chance to use 2 Canon C100s to mix with our C300 to shoot an all EOS Cinema wedding. We put the C100 through the paces and compare it to our current wedding workhorse the Canon 5DMKIII.

This is not a scientific test but a test to see how the feel, look and weight of the cameras compares to the 5D and C300. Both of which we already own.

Tech info –
5D profile setting was on Neutral – Contrast and sharpness all the way down. I always use this profile to get a nice flat image and the best DR. I DON’Tuse cinestyle because I find in post I get much too much noise in the image.

C100 was set to CLOG, I also had NR set to 3. Sharpness all the to -10

Thanks to – for letting us borrow the camera for providing the music for the soundtrack

Credits –
Cinematography – Joe Simon
BTS – Danny Owens
Editing – Brandon Gray, Joe Simon
Shot on the Canon C100 and 5DMKIII

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