Volcanic Life in Cayman Trough

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Deep down in the Caribbean seafloor, around 3.1 miles (5 kilometers) is the Cayman Trough. It is the world’s deepest undersea volcanic vent. Known as “black smokers”, these vents eject water hot enough to melt lead and surprisingly is teeming with creatures able to live under extreme conditions.

Video shot list:

cayman_deepsea_vents_hidef.avi – DivX file, 1280×720 res, 60000 Kbps, 25 fps

00:00.00 – 00:18.23 World’s deepest “black smoker” vents at the Beebe Vent Field, 5 km deep in the Cayman Trough

00:18.24 – 00:27.04 New species of shrimp swarming around vents at the Beebe Vent Field

00:27.05 – 00:43.08 Anemones lining cracks seeping water water at the Beebe vent Field

00:43.09 – 00:52.14 Wide-angle view of the peak of the Von Damm Vent Field

00:52.15 – 01:08.23 Swarms of shrimp in shimmering warm water bathing the Von Damm Vent Field

01:08.24 – 01:34.01 Closer view of new shrimp species at the Von Damm Vent Field

Video (c) / credit “University of Southampton / NOC”