Wabook Android Laptops and Tablets

Wabook is a producer of Android Laptops and tablets. They create Android Tablets for other companies.
Products include a Quad Core Allwinner based tablets in 7″, 9.7″, and 10.1″. The 9.7″ without retina sells for around 115 USD and with retina 50 dollars more. One of the 7″ tablets comes to around 55 USD. The 10.1″ comes a A31s processor and 1280×800 screen.
CPT785 which is an iPad Mini clone for 92 USD.
The CPT767 which is a full function phone in a 7″ tablet form factor. The price is 105 USD.
The TP735 a 7″ tablet for only 46 USD.
They also produce Android based netbooks in various configurations including a 7″ Android netbook for around 56 USD and a 10″ for 65 USD.

Filmed at the Hong Kong HKTDC Electronics Fair using the Panasonic GH3 camcorder with 12-35mm lense on a Tiffen Steadicam Merlin 2 with vest: